founder Al Garcia founded Linal, Inc. in 1994 with the sole purpose of providing his customers with unparalleled service. After serving his country in United States Air force, Al Garcia began his long career in the metal hardware business as a Sales Trainee with New Britain, Connecticut based North & Judd Manufacturing. North & Judd, founded in 1812 was widely known as the world’s leading manufacturer of hardware for a broad range of markets, but was most widely known for its equestrian and marine products. In North & Judd’s extensive training program Mr. Garcia began what was to be a lifelong pursuit of learning as much as he could about manufacturing, business, markets and the customers he valued so highly. Quickly, Mr. Garcia rose through the ranks as a Territory Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager and ultimately became President of North & Judd. In his time as President of North & Judd, Al Garcia came to know the value of customer relationships, service, quality and most importantly, integrity. In 1994 Mr. Garcia left North & Judd to begin a new venture where he could apply his extensive knowledge of manufacturing and his passion for customer relationships to a new level.  Linal, Inc. quickly became known for high quality products, knowledgeable staff and world class service. Al Garcia’s vision enabled Linal to grow and expand into new markets, offering them products and services in a manner not seen before.  As Linal, Inc. grew, Mr. Garcia taught each new employee the importance providing each customer with unequaled service. To this day “Commitment to Service” is Linal’s motto and all who have joined our company carry this with them each day.